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7 fl oz/195 g 

Elegant and simple fragrance beauty, enhanced by the warm glow of a whisper wick, patented by the Wooden Wick Co. The warm glow and lite crackling of a wooden wick add ambiance and relaxation to any evening or meditation session. The sound is soothing and relaxing while still lite and romantic.

Have a care with all candles. Wooden wicks must not be burned anymore than four (4) hours at a time. Two to three hours is the minimum burn time for a complete melt pool to prevent tunneling. During the first few sessions, some tunneling may occur. This will dissipate as the glass warms and melts the wax.

To prevent injury or fire hazard, snuff out the wick when you are not present or about to retire for bed. Never leave a candle burning if you cannot be present. You may also gently blow out the flame, taking care not to blow too hard as to make the wax splash. It is very hot and can cause serious burns.

Trim the wick down to 5mm above the wax before each use. This is very important to prevent soot and overheating of the jar due to a wick that is much too long. Overheating glass jars can cause them to crack and fail. Always extinguish the candle when 1/2 inch of wax remains in the vessel. 

Be sure to place on an even, heat-safe surface, away from children, pets, and anything that can burn easily such as drapes. Keep away from drafts as well.

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